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Finding Her Deepest Joy: The Amanda Interview

Finding Her Deepest Joy: The Amanda Interview

June 13, 2019

In this episode, we sat down with Amanda. Amanda is a survivor of birth trauma, a very real experience for many women who have given birth. Challenging the idea that the only "successful" birth story is the one that goes perfectly according to plan, Amanda shares what it was like to walk through an experience that didn't follow the arc she expected. She opens up about how the impact of the trauma didn't surface immediately, but when it did, it began to distort her understanding of the birth process as a whole - an important point for women to hear as they recover from giving birth and find that healing is a multi-faceted, many months-long process. Amanda is tender and vulnerable and completely accessible as she shares from some of her deepest pain and her deepest joy.

+ Resources for Survivors =

Prevention and Treatment of Traumatic Childbirth 

QC Women's Therapy

Coming Full Circle: Your Invitation

Coming Full Circle: Your Invitation

May 30, 2019

In this episode, Sarah sat down with Nicole and Kate, the team who helps her make the Project possible. Together they unpacked the profound impact this virtual community has had on them individually, and gave a little behind-the-scenes peek into what is coming next at The Beautifull Project. Stick around for the end.. there is an invitation included for each and every one of YOU!


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The Power to Heal: The Jackie Interview

The Power to Heal: The Jackie Interview

May 1, 2019

 +Trigger Warning: Sexual violence, domestic abuse, PTSD, depression, chronic pain, miscarriage+

In this episode, we sit down with Jackie - a woman who has survived serial trauma, beginning with a violent sexual assault during high school. The content of Jackie's story makes it one of the most intense of the entire season, but as the storyteller, Jackie does the most incredible job giving access to painful parts of her past without transferring her pain on to the listener. She is resolute in her determination to heal, and her resilience is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. She shares from the darkest parts of her history, and at the same time, manages to shine a light forward, passing on hope to anyone who will listen.

Resources for Survivors:


Family Resources


Your Brain is Bad Ass: A Little Healing with Nicole

Your Brain is Bad Ass: A Little Healing with Nicole

April 17, 2019

We've spent a year and a half bringing you the voices of women who demonstrate strength and resilience. We have invited you to open yourself in the same way. But until this podcast, we never offered you any tools to help you put yourself back together after we invite you to let yourself fall apart.


Today's pod is the first of many full of tips and tricks from our very own beauty, Nicole. Nicole is one of the people who helps us create at The Beautifull Project. She is also a trained therapist, an artist, and a brilliant woman. She shares tactics you can apply to every area of your life.. from a major traumatic event to the stressful meeting with your boss (which can feel like a major, traumatic event to be sure)... that will allow you to engage that bad ass brain and move yourself down the path of healing.

Know Your Worth: The Kira Interview

Know Your Worth: The Kira Interview

April 3, 2019

 +Trigger Warning: Sexual abuse +

"I had finally dug up some self worth and I was ready to throw it around a little."

In this episode, we welcome Kira to the mic to tell her story. Kira shares her story about the sexual abuse she endured at the hands of a trusted teacher during her adolescence, a story that is difficult to hear, but so very important to take in.

But at the core of Kira's story, the listener will discover that Kira's story is also about her desire to belong, to feel seen, to be known and loved. And the great lengths the human spirit will extend toward in order to experience a sense of belonging.

Resources for Survivors of Sexual Assault:


Family Resources

Purpose from Pain: The Kit Interview

Purpose from Pain: The Kit Interview

March 20, 2019

+Trigger Warning: Sexual Violence+


In this episode, we welcome Dr. Kit Ford, Founder of Argrow's House of Healing and sexual violence survivor. Dr. Kit is a force for good in her community, and exudes a sense of purpose about her life in the most beautiful way. Dr. Kit's traumatic experiences do not define her, but have instead shaped her in a way that makes her able to lend hope and healing to other women. She shares her healing journey on the pod and provides inspiration and direction for other women who are surviving in their own right.


You can check out Argrow's House at  Argrow's House is a house of healing that provides direct services to survivors and also creates survivor-made bath and body products. 


Local resources for survivors of sexual violence:

Family Resources

National resources for survivors of sexual violence:


Hold Out for the Kindness: The Sarah Interview

Hold Out for the Kindness: The Sarah Interview

March 6, 2019

There is nothing more inspiring than a woman who challenges the expectations set in front of her and this woman… she has all the inspiration we need to remember what we are made of when our life requires resilience. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a baby, Sarah has lived and moved in a disabled body for her entire life. In this interview, she shares what it was like to navigate her adolescence, the ways she allowed the pain to take her to some dark places, and the hope she found when she began to find a way to hold out for the kindness.

Sarah is brave and beautifull and her episode is live on the pod today!

Whole and Wholehearted: The Stephanie Interview

Whole and Wholehearted: The Stephanie Interview

February 21, 2019

+Trigger Warning+ Eating Disorder, Depression


In this episode, we welcomed Stephanie to the mic. Stephanie is a survivor of an eating disorder and an advocate for other survivors. She has spent most of her life looking for healing… not just for the eating disorder, but to find a deeper understanding of herself, of all of the things that seemed to ail her. In this interview, she talks about belonging, about the ways she searched for healing outside of her, and about how much power she’s found having arrived at a place that gives her permission to love herself.

And as we continue to exist in a culture that saturates us with deeply disordered ideas about our relationship with food and with our bodies, the insight she shares takes on more urgent meaning. She tells her story in a way where the details can become recognizable in our collective experience with food and body, making the healing a collective possibility as well.

Stephanie is whole and wholehearted, and we can be too.


Resources for Survivors:

Local Resources -

Unity Point: |

Amy's Gift:

Eating Disorder Coalition of Iowa:

National Resources - 

National Eating Disorder Association:

ANA (National Association for Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders):

The Alliance for Eating Disorder Awareness:

Grit and Grace: The Maggie Interview

Grit and Grace: The Maggie Interview

February 7, 2019

"What matters most is how we walk through the fire." - Charles Bukowski

+ Trigger Warning+ Sexual assault, PTSD

In this episode, we welcomed Maggie to the mic to tell her survival story. Maggie is a semi-retired pageant girl and a two-time survivor of sexual assault. She transformed her pain into purpose by founding Trauma Queens, a nonprofit dedicated to helping other survivors of sexual assault - a bad ass, Beautifull move for sure.

But do you know what else Maggie is? She is tired. She is recovering from a major loss last year - a loss she describes as the death of a lifelong dream - and she is tired. Tired of the rigidity, the obsessive pursuit of greatness, the endless expectation she be more. She is right in the middle of letting parts of her life come undone... and that is just as bad ass and Beautifull a thing as all of her other work that came before this part. 

Maggie is grace and grit, full of healing wisdom and hope for the future.

Resources for survivors of sexual assault:

Local Resources: Family Resources

National Resources: RAINN

Resource for people with PTSD: NAMI


Beauty from Terror: The Laura Interview

Beauty from Terror: The Laura Interview

January 24, 2019

"There is beauty in terror. No feeling is final. Just keep going."


 +Tigger warning: Sexual assault, suicidal ideations, chronic pain, breast cancer +

The episode kicks off the Survivor Series with a powerful interview with Laura, a survivor of sexual assault, 6 years of unimaginable chronic pain, and breast cancer. Laura is a force, but a gentle force - she offers the audience a new perspective on suffering, one that turns the listener toward hope. She has words of wisdom for transforming pain into purpose, a transformation she has allowed herself to undergo as a result of learning to survive. Join this chorus of courage by subscribing to Beauti: The Interviews and check out more about The Beautifull Project.


Local resources for sexual assault survivors:

Family Resources:

National Resouces:

Resources for people surviving central pain:

America Stroke Association

Resources for breast cancer survivors:

Local: Gilda's Club

National: Susan G. Komen